Volexity is a security firm based in the Washington, D.C. area that specializes in assisting organizations with incident response, digital forensics, trusted advisory, and threat intelligence services. The Volexity team has a successful history of helping organizations ranging from large global enterprises to single location small businesses deal with a myriad of information security challenges.

The team has a long history of combating advanced threat actors commonly referred to as the advanced persistent threat (APT). APT attackers are typically engaged in cyber espionage with an intent to breach the network defense of targeted organizations in order to steal sensitive information and intellectual property. Volexity's job is to provide services and expertise to detect, combat, and prevent these advanced threats.

Volexity has industry recognized subject matter experts whom have practiced, lectured, authored publications, and given training in the following fields:

  •  Incident Response
  •  Malware Analysis
  •  Reverse Engineering
  •  Network Hunting
  •  Digital Forensics (Memory, Disk, and Network)
  •  Cyber Espionage

The Volexity team has responded to numerous incident across many different verticals, including finance, politics, health care, education, biopharmaceutical, medical, aviation, freedom of speech, human rights, media, telecommunications, and more. There are very few industries Volexity has not observed being targeted and breached.

Our Services

Solutions for Security Incident Prevention, Detection, and Response